Latest Press Release: Dynamic Signal Gives Back, Announcing 5 Non-Profits for Employee Advocacy

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How it works

A complete content and advocate management system.

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Curate content from the web, your owned library, our recommendation engine, or from advocates, then distribute it to advocates for amplification

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Mobile apps, web apps, and email make it simple for advocates to share on their personal channels. And because you approve it first, they know its safe to share.

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Track what content is shared and the impact it had on engagement, reach, leads and sales. Then recognize and reward your best advocates.

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All-in-one platform

A complete content and advocate management system, an “OS for advocacy”

Curate and distribute brand-approved content to advocates

There is already great content about you, empower your best advocates to amplify it. Our content management system makes it easy for brands to source, curate and distribute content to the right employees at the right time.

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MOBILE APPS FOR instant, effortless sharing

If it’s not easy for your advocates, it won’t work. This is why we take a mobile first approach. Advocates can consume and share content to any of their personal social channels right from their mobile device, the web or email.

Measure business results and recognize advocates

Our technology tracks shares, reach, engagement, clicks, leads, sales, revenue and employee development, automatically. Our team of strategists will help you determine the method for rewarding advocates that is right for your company.

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An all-in-one advocacy and content marketing solution

Dynamic Signal is the only comprehensive “OS for advocacy”, one platform for all your advocacy needs including CRM, Content Management, mobile apps, gamification, measurement, communications and more.

Why Dynamic Signal?

Real, tangible results


Trusted by the worlds best brands (and startups).

We have invested more than $37M in developing the leading employee advocacy platform. Our clients, a Who’s Who of Fortune 500 brands across numerous verticals, have gained 5 billion (and growing) impressions via Dynamic Signal and driven powerful business impact: leads, sales, awareness, cost savings and more.

Mobile first

85% of sharing is done on a mobile device, and Dynamic Signal is the only advocacy platform that is mobile-first.

Our native apps for iOS and Android let advocates share your content with a couple of taps. We also support BlackBerry and feature phones via text message, plus any computer or tablet via responsive web apps.

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Enterprise-ready and compliant

Quickly deploy anywhere, from small companies to the largest enterprises with hundreds of thousands of employees.

Dynamic Signal supports the complexities of existing IT, with single sign-on (SSO) and APIs that connect to other apps, plus pre-built integrations for enterprise tools, like, Salesforce and Adobe.

Expert services

With Dynamic Signal, you get more than software, you get a partner. Our expert services team will tell you how to deploy it successfully.

We won't just hand over our software, we will help you create a high-performing advocacy program. Every enterprise client gets a dedicated account management and support team to advise on training, strategy and legal issues, plus a custom launch plan, ongoing optimization and insights, content strategy and more.


See what Dynamic Signal can do for your company

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Dynamic Signal Gives Back, Announcing 5 Non-Profits for Employee Advocacy

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Dynamic Signal was founded by leaders in the advertising technology industry. After selling their previous company, Adify, they realized that a sea change was happening in marketing: from inauthentic ads to authentic social media discussions.

Real people are more compelling than brands and ads. So they built a way for companies to empower employees and turn them into effective advocates.

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