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The Rise of Social Selling Infographic

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Social Selling
April 10, 2014

2014 is the year of Social Selling. Don’t believe it? We created the infographic below, based on data from our own Social Selling Survey Report and the SBI’s (Sales Benchmark Index) 7th Annual Research Report: How to Make Your Number in 2014. This data shows that smart salespeople are using social media to network, prospect, close deals, and more. Not only that, but by using social media in their sales process, they’re meeting or exceeding quota.

Here are a few tweetable takeaways from the data:

“85% of high performing social sellers use social media for networking, 78% use it for prospecting.” Social Selling

“The more connections a sales rep has on LinkedIn, the more likely it is that rep will make quota.” Social Selling

“Social selling has a prospecting conversion rate of 15%, which is 5x more than the marketing conversion rate.” Social Selling

Social Selling

To see more of the data behind social selling, download our full Social Selling Survey Report.