Rapid Fire Friday with Emily Murphy

You know how there are just some folks who are universally loved and respected by all? Well, that’s Emily Murphy, this week’s featured #DySiTeam member.

Emily is one of Dynamic Signal’s stellar Customer Success Managers, helping our customers with strategic Employee Communication and Engagement that ensures their employees are connected and informed. And she’s good at it. Like, really, really good.

Named Customer Success MVP at our Sales Kickoff in January, Emily works some of our largest customers and has been integral to the largest Dynamic Signal roll outs in history. And here’s the big shocker-¬† she’s been with us only a little over a year.

This Massachusetts born, California girl is the CS team’s resident health/eco-friendly/green queen. When she’s not doing cross fit, Pilates, or another Classpass¬†session, Emily is carefully measuring her nutrient levels and staying up-to-date on proper healthy eating trends to keep herself feeling her best. (One teammate claims she even has a favorite amino acid: Leucine). She’s also obsessed with wine (who isn’t?), her nieces, and her loving family, boyfriend, and friends… of which she has many. Obvi.

Despite how seriously she takes her job and her nutrition, Emily is also a big fan of fun. She’s an avid sports lover, and when it comes to her favorite? It’s a tough battle between her historic love for baseball (she’s got a Red Sox tattoo, but also loves the SF Giants), the Golden State Warriors, and the fact that she’s really good at fantasy football.

On top of all this, she’s heavily involved in keeping our culture at Dynamic Signal inclusive, fun, and engaging. A long-time member of Culture Club and she even played a suspect in our recent DySi Murder Mystery series (although because she’s so nice, no one even thought for a second she was the culprit).

We’re so fortunate to have a company filled with talented, dedicated people like Emily, and we’re growing so much, that Emily will be temporarily moving to our new Chicago office to help launch our midwest Customer Success team. Even though Emily sets the bar pretty high, don’t be intimidated and go apply for our Chicago office CSM roles!

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Robyn Hannah

Senior Director, Global Communications