Rapid Fire Friday with Margarita Bukatik

Senior Quality Assurance Manager, Margarita Bukatik is a #DySiTeam OG. In fact, Dynamic Signal is Margarita’s second company with our founding team. And since she joined Dynamic Signal in the very, very beginning, we thought it was high time we put this latke-loving lady in the hot seat for #DySiRFF.

We’re not sure we’ve ever see Margarita have a bad day. An absolute delight and staple of the DySi team, she is always smiling, always contributing, always has a great story to tell, and she absolutely loves her award-winning team. (And if you want to know what is so special about them, you’ll have to check out the video below.)

Despite her own accomplishments (like a handful of degrees, world travel, fantastic career, and several languages under her belt) her proudest accomplishment is that her two daughters both got their college degrees. And we adore her even more for it!

Her story starts in Soviet Union Russia, where she discovered her love of coding before moving to Tel Aviv and ultimately coming to the states. She re-immersed herself in the world of developing and became the QA powerhouse she is today. And boy, are we fortunate that’s she found her way to Dynamic Signal. Whether she’s swimming on the weekends, making her favorite Russian dish (which she reveals in this week’s video), supporting her team, or catching bugs within Dynamic Signal, she’s integral to our team.

We wish everyone who’s reading gets a chance to sit down with Margarita (some folks recently got a chance as she sat in on a #WomenOfDySi Executive Tell-All panel!). This was one of our favorite filming sessions, and it’s easy to tell why – Margarita is kind-hearted and considerate and one of our most-valued assets at Dynamic Signal!



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