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Employee Advocacy Increases Client Value and Drives Revenue

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Today’s agencies are challenged with helping clients adapt to the convergence of paid, owned and earned media. That’s especially true within the digital and social media landscape. Many are adapting to this new environment, with progressive firms doing so by building Employee Advocacy programs for their clients.

“The main reason why I chose Dynamic Signal to be a strategic partner for us is the people. The experience has been phenomenal. They’re an extension of my team. They get to know and understand the company, the product, the culture just as much as we do. Also, it’s the most robust and scalable product in the market today.”

Michael Brito ~ SVP/GM @ Lewis Global Communications

David Armano
Increasingly people are getting their information and news from social newsfeeds and our research tells us that no source is trusted more than our peers. Dynamic Signal empowers brands to harness the power and scale of their collective employee base to reach new audiences and tell their stories. At the same time—employees become more informed than ever and empowered by that information. And it’s not just employees—our clients are in need of solutions that make cultural influencer campaigns more accountable and measurable. Dynamic Signal helps us measure the impact that all kinds of influencers add to both communications and integrated marketing programs.
David Armano ~ Global Strategy Director @ Edelman
Dynamic Signal gets our content and news in the hands of the people who matter the most, our employees. It helps us create engaged, proud brand champions--the ultimate competitive advantage.
Wendi Smith ~ Managing Director, Agency Communications & Content @ Mindshare
Dynamic Signal is a powerful and flexible application that we can use in a variety of ways to expand and deepen the level of engagement of our employees on behalf of our clients and the firm," “It allows us to communicate directly with our employees, and empower them to share content socially that interests them - helping to expand our reach, strengthen individual capabilities and achieve organizational clarity.
Gary F. Grates ~ Principal @ W2O Group
Employees are generally proud of what they do, so if you can make it simple and fun to share relevant content, they’ll do so. We’re an 8-year-old social agency and nothing has increased our employee social sharing more than Dynamic Signal.
Jim Tobin ~ President @ Ignite Social Media
At the heart of our business, effective communication and storytelling, Dynamic Signal turns all of our employees not just into advocates for our company, but into stronger support systems for our clients.
Noah Finn ~ Managing Partner / Head of Digital and Creative Services @ Finn Partners
Employee advocacy programs can increase brand awareness, build consumer trust, attract great talent, and improve employee retention.
Andrew Eklund ~ CEO @ Ciceron
Today, some of the most powerful advocates for a company brand are right inside its own organization. Companies need a potent way to organize these social voices and manage a true social advantage.
Brian Burgess ~ Global Director of MSLGROUP's Employee Practice

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