Currently, three-quarters of all U.S. workers feel like their companies aren’t doing a good enough job of employee communications — which is causing a major disengagement epidemic. This begs the question: How does your company go about keeping its employees in the loop? Do you send out impersonal, easy-to-ignore mass emails and hope they survive […]

Today we are excited to announce three new Dynamic Signal integrations: Facebook Messenger, Slack, and Microsoft Yammer. These new integrations allow companies to safely share content, news and announcements to more of their employees, without the use of an app. By connecting with the communication tools employees already use and trust, sharing and engaging with […]

As a marketer, it’s one thing to launch a new Employee Advocacy program. It’s another to see success, results, and continued growth. In June of 2015 Humana took the leap into Employee Advocacy, launching Humana Advocates, a program focused on health and well-being. They have steadily expanded it, incorporating new associates over time. Their strategy […]

Now that you’ve put in some hard work laying out your employee advocacy program goals and objectives, and identifying your audience, it’s time to have some fun! Employee programs are hard work, but it’s worth it – the results are rewarding and can have a significant impact on your business. Lets take a look at […]

You might feel overwhelmed when thinking about how to put together an effective Employee Advocacy program. There are a lot of moving parts to consider, and everything needs to line up. We understand. But the hard work pays off. Successful programs can generate 90% plus growth in shares, and boost engagements over 100%. To make […]