Thoughts on advocacy marketing from the team at Dynamic Signal

Altimeter Group Unveils New Study on Employee Engagement [Webinar on Demand]


Altimeter Group, a leading research firm in the digital marketing space, recently published an informative study on employee engagement entitled Strengthening Employee Relationships in the Digital Era. Just last week during a live webinar both Charlene Li, Founder and CEO of Altimeter, and Jon Cifuentes, Senior Researcher, discussed the survey in detail. The study (and […]

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How to Prep for a Difficult Conversation at Work

01-23-15 - howtoprep

It’s common at work that people avoid confrontation. They think it’s better not to cause a disruption than voice concerns. It may be as simple as not wanting to get fired, or just the fact that it’s uncomfortable to sit next to some you have had a confrontation with. But really, avoiding conflict is a […]

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Dynamic Signal Gives Back, Announcing 5 Non-Profits for Employee Advocacy


Click Here to Read the Official Press Release We are excited to announce 5 non-profit organizations that will receive a free license of our advocacy platform, VoiceStorm, as part of our new charitable program called #InfluenceGood. The goal of the #InfluenceGood program is to help these worthy organizations amplify their social marketing efforts by engaging […]

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CES 2015 in Vegas, a Spectacle of Hands on Tech


As you’ve likely heard, CES, the internationally renowned electronics and technology trade show, is happening this week in Las Vegas…and Dynamic Signal is in the mix. The event is attracting over 160K major companies and industry professionals worldwide to showcase the latest in consumer gadgets, TVs, gaming consoles, robots – basically anything one could dream […]

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