Thoughts on advocacy marketing from the team at Dynamic Signal

Dynamic Signal’s Top Four Client Social Media Victories of 2014

12-19-14 - Top Clients 2014

The holidays are a time when you gather the ones you care most about, give them gifts, and remind them how much they mean to you. We like to do the same thing at Dynamic Signal, and this holiday season, we’d like to give kudos, in no particular order, to four amazing successes that our clients […]

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The New CMO: How One of the Most Influential C-Suite Roles is Changing [Webinar on Demand]


Yesterday I had the pleasure of discussing the evolving role of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) with Sabrina Stoffregen, Corporate Initiatives Marketing Manager and Director of Intel’s Ambassador Program. Traditionally the CMO has been responsible for building the brand outside the organization in critical areas such as: Reputation, Community Responsibility, Brand Equity Driving demand for lead […]

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Upcoming Webinar: The New CMO ~ How One of the Most Influential C-Suite Roles is Changing


On the heels of last month’s successful webinar, we’re excited to be partnering with another thought leader of brand advocacy, Sabrina Stoffregen.  Sabrina is Intel’s Brand Strategy and Reputation Manager and will be discussing the changing role of the CMO, what it means for marketers, their companies and employees as well as the industry at large. The webinar is part […]

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4 Ways to Avoid Burnout at Work

12-04-14 - 4 Ways Avoid Burnout

It’s inevitable — at some point in your career you’re going to burn out — even if you love your job. Burnout is the soul-withering exhaustion that builds over a prolonged period of stress at work. When entering burnout territory, there will be some pretty clear signs to look for. Ask yourself the following questions: […]

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How IBM Drives ROI Through Employee Advocacy [Webinar on Demand]


[The full webinar on demand is available towards the end of this blog] Yesterday, I had the good fortune of hosting and moderating a webinar How IBM Drives ROI Through Employee Advocacy, featuring my long time IBM colleagues Colleen Burns and Amber Armstrong, who shared several case studies about how the global tech giant is successfully proving ROI […]

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4 Reasons for Brand Advocates to Post Quality Over Quantity

11-11-14 - QualityoverQuantity

A brand advocate’s job is to create and curate information that connects potential clients to the company they represent. Not surprisingly, advocates sometimes approach this by flooding social media channels with their presence, hoping to get one or two click-throughs. That is the same principle telemarketers use, the ones who hound you at dinner with […]

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