Thoughts on advocacy marketing from the team at Dynamic Signal

Why B2B Companies Are a Perfect Fit for Employee-Driven Advocacy


In the digital world, there’s no doubt that marketing has shifted dramatically away from the radio, television and print advertisements of the bygone advertising golden era. In fact, with the rise of social media, marketing is becoming less and less about formal advertising and more and more about authenticity, trust, and real time engagement. This […]

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PaperShare Joins Dynamic Signal – Q&A with Rob Stevens


In case you missed the big news yesterday, we announced that we raised a $12M Series C and acquired a Seattle based company called PaperShare. It’s an exciting time as we’re growing fast, and the addition of the PaperShare team is a big part of that. I sat down with one of those new team […]

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How to Align Your Organization to Support an Employee Advocacy Program


Your company is sitting on a valuable but untapped marketing tool if it hasn’t yet launched an Employee Advocacy Program. Nothing adds credibility to your brand quicker than content provided by an employee advocate via social media. In these days of diminishing business trust (see graphic below from the 2014 Edelman Trust Barometer), employee advocates […]

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Employee Advocacy for Social ROI #MMChat


Every Monday a group of marketing and PR professionals called “The Social CMO” host a Twitter chat (#MMchat) where they feature a guest (usually a leading executive) and topic in the social/digital marketing realm. Last night, Amber Armstrong, Marketing Social Business Program Director for IBM, was the guest and the topic was Employee Advocacy for […]

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Video: Why Employee Advocacy Matters


In recent months advocacy marketing, especially as it pertains to employees, has become a much talked about trend. Smart and savvy digital marketers and communications specialists have already adopted these strategies. But for most, the idea of employees speaking out publicly on behalf of their employer is still unheard of. Because of this, we end […]

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The First Ever Employee Advocacy Summit, Coming this September


Within all emerging trends there are pivotal inflection points along the growth path for the companies and thought leaders involved. These can range from an event that triggers mass adoption, broad media exposure, or something that simply finally flips the switch in buyers minds. Amongst the overwhelming landscape of social media and content marketing, companies […]

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What Dynamic Signal Doesn’t Do


This summer, we’ve been in the process of redesigning our web site. And as often is the case when companies do this, they start thinking about how to better explain their services, who they are, their clients, etc. In reviewing countless sites – from other companies that we compete with as well as those we […]

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