As the marketing landscape shifts, marketers are finding an ever-increasing array of digital/social options for their companies to engage with customers. Social media has become a new frontier for many companies, where they can leverage their employees to expand their reach and amplify their brand. This is especially true on mobile devices, which allows people […]

October 9, 2013

Hashtags are synonymous with Twitter. We all saw that video with Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake #hashtagging #absolutely #everything. But hashtags are also making an appearance on other social networks. They’re now allowed on Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and even Facebook. Since June of this year, hashtags have become very much a trend on Facebook and […]

October 8, 2013

In recent years content marketing has become a major focus for brand marketers looking to make an impact within digital and social media. This was the theme of yesterday’s Brand Innovators Summit held in Dallas, Texas at the headquarters of cosmetics giant Mary Kay. Top marketers from major brands like Frito-Lay, AT&T, IBM, American Airlines, […]

October 4, 2013

Of all the social media platforms, Twitter is perhaps the most confusing. Learning how to use the 140-character limit, the weird URL shorteners, and the infamous hashtag, can quickly lead to head-scratching confusion. But it’s important to understand how to leverage Twitter as part of your marketing arsenal, because you can’t ignore the fact that […]

October 1, 2013

You know that it’s important for your business to be on social media. You know it’s important because all your competitors are on social media and it seems like the trendy, popular thing to do. But social media isn’t just a passing trend – it’s here to stay and it should be part of every […]

September 26, 2013

Did you know that a 2013 Gallup poll revealed that only 30% of workers in the United States are engaged in their work? That means that 70% of U.S. workers are not reaching their maximum potential and aren’t fully contributing to their company’s success. According to a Gallup estimate, this level of active disengagement costs […]

September 24, 2013

Social media is more than just “likes”, followers and clicks – it’s about driving engagement towards a goal, whether that’s growing brand awareness or increasing lead conversions. Did you know that according to HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing Annual Report, social media produces almost double the leads of outbound tactics like telemarketing, trade shows, or PPC? In […]

September 19, 2013

A brand’s reputation is everything – it drives customer acquisition and retention. It bolsters revenue and expands market share. And while establishing a positive digital reputation is hard, maintaining that reputation in today’s social media age can be even harder. A brand’s reputation can be tarnished by a single tweet, post, or review left by […]

September 17, 2013

When you think about social media and work, you might imagine employees spending languid hours on Facebook when they should be getting through their to-do lists. With today’s constant contact model of communication, it’s only natural that managers would be concerned about employees spending precious work hours posting and sharing on their social networks. But […]

September 12, 2013

In the age of social media, it’s almost expected that employees will communicate with the outside world about their jobs. People have always talked about their jobs – now there’s just a digital record of the conversations. Whether tweeting a thought, posting an update, or sharing an anecdote, employees will utilize social media to talk […]

September 10, 2013