Biopharmaceutical Company Mobilizes Employees Through Internal Communications

Company Engages Thousands of Global Employees with Dynamic Signal’s Mobile Technology



Company Size


This research-driven biopharmaceutical company discovers, develops and markets both biopharmaceuticals and small molecule drugs. It has more than 37,000 employees and provides products to individuals in more than 170 countries.

With thousands of employees, stretching from scientists to manufacturing specialists, in laboratories and warehouses around the world, the company needed a better way to engage their remote, deskless workers. Many of these employees have no corporate email and are rarely, if ever, behind a desk or computer. Therefore, it was critical that the company implement a mobile centric solution that delivers relevant, timely company communications to the right employee at the right time.

Stifled With Outdated Communications Channels

With disparate internal communication systems and global workers, the company’s communications team had no way of reaching employees on their mobile device with important company and industry related news. They needed to segment employees based on location and department, then create relevant content for each group. And when the company brought on new employees, they wanted employees to register and complete program on-boarding solely from the mobile experience. However, it lacked an easy way to deliver messages, news, and internal documents that employees could access on mobile.

The company’s executive team also wanted to reach employees with engaging internal videos, but had no way to record and deliver them easily. They were stifled by the current tools they were using, and weren’t able to keep up with the modern communication methods employees came to expect.

Problems To Solve:

  • ! No way of reaching employees on their mobile device
  • ! Unable to segment employees and deliver relevant content
  • ! Difficult process to deliver messages with internal documents
  • ! No way to record/deliver engaging videos easily
  • ! Outdated employee on-boarding experience
Over 36% of the global workforce, that’s over 1.2 billion employees, are mobile employees.

Creating Relevant Content To Connect With Employees

Once the company implemented Dynamic Signal, they were able to provide a stand-alone mobile app that streamlined communications, delivering timely, relevant news to their deskless and remote employees. This made it possible for employees with no corporate email address to gain access to important news and content to help them be more productive.

In the first eight months of the program, more than 1,200 pieces ofnews and content have been delivered directly to employees on mobile.

The company also set up a robust structure of Divisions and Permissions, giving managers the ability to deliver relevant and timely content to the right employee, at the right time. Not only has the team leveraged this as a marketing opportunity through advocacy, but they’ve also been able to engage employees more through internal communications. There were over 700 non-shareable posts published on the Dynamic Signal platform, and 80% of them were viewed at least once. Employees found it useful to receive information that was critical to their roles.

The team was also able to create a unique registration and on-boarding flow making it seamless for employees to opt-in to the program. Since the launch, 88% of registered employees have completed the launch and 99% have accessed the mobile app. Dynamic Signal’s mobile-first company communications platform made it easy for the company’s communications team to send a variety of messages and content to employees, including PDF documents, native streaming videos, etc.

How Dynamic Signal Helped:

  • 2,586 registered employees, 99% of whom have accessed the mobile app
  • 55% of employees have viewed at least one post
  • Streamlined communications, delivering timely, relevant news
  • Opened access for employees with no corporate email address
  • Made it easy to send a variety of messages
  • Created a unique registration app and employee on-boarding flow

Move Your Communications Technology To The Future

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