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Despite paving the way in financial technology, the world’s leading global financial services firm, serving more than 65 million consumers and 4 million small businesses, was facing major internal communication challenges. They struggled to communicate to their global employees and needed to find a way to engage and inform their workforce, from the tellers at their branch locations to their corporate executives across the globe.

Lack of Connection to Global Employees

Because they lacked a centralized communications strategy and platform for the entire company, there was a large disconnect between corporate and branch workers in regards to their knowledge of company news. It was also increasingly difficult to distribute news in a timely, relevant matter in times of crisis or urgency. The company primarily relied on the intranet, email, and break room posters, which proved to be ineffective at informing and engaging employees.

Key Communication Challenges:

  • ! Lack of a centralized communications strategy and platform
  • ! Disconnect between corporate and branch workers
  • ! Increasingly difficult to distribute urgent news in a timely, relevant matter
  • ! Intranet, email, and break room posters are ineffective at informing and engaging employees
  • ! Executives lacked a way to effectively communicate directly with the workforce
Over 36% of the global workforce, that’s over 1.2 billion employees, are mobile employees.

Creating Personalized Content to Connect and Align Employees

Once the company implemented Dynamic Signal’s company communications technology, employees were able to access its centralized platform, regardless if they are corporate or field workers. The company was able to streamline top-down communications from department leads and executives through Dynamic Signal’s mobile-first solution - reaching employees anytime, anywhere with targeted, relevant content. The company was also able to provide unique access and dashboards for each business unit, allowing program managers to properly oversee employees and content and measure results.

How Dynamic Signal Helped

  • Centralized platform that all employees can access
  • Top-down approach to comms from department leads and executives
  • A mobile-first solution that reaches employees anytime, anywhere
  • Native video capabilities for seamless distribution of video based messages
  • Unique access/dashboard for each business
74% of employees feel that they’re missing out company information and news. Gallup

Move Your Communications Technology to the Future

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