Premiere Full-service Restaurant Company Brings Culture To Life With Dynamic Signal

Since its first restaurant opening 80 years ago, the world's largest full-service restaurant company has grown to more than 200,000 employees in 1,500 locations across the nation.


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Deskless Workers

Although they are undeniably successful, the company struggled to keep their restaurants and employees aligned and engaged with the company. Most of its employees don’t have a company email address, are constantly on the go, and are reliant on their mobile device versus a desktop you’d find in a formal office. The company needed a way to deliver relevant news to their workforce, and empower them to share their experiences while at work to highlight the great culture the company has in place.

Lack of Connection to Restaurant Employees

The company needed efficient and effective open lines of communications with their store managers, servers and broader restaurant staff. However, the company lacked customization in its current efforts and had no way to give access to employees based on their location, store, or role within the company. On the flip side, employees needed an easier, more mobile friendly way to receive company news and content while on the job. They also wanted a way for employees to create and share content with their coworkers from their mobile devices.

Key Communication Challenges:

  • ! Needed efficient communications channel with restaurant staff
  • ! No ability to give access to employees based on parameters
  • ! Employees needed an easier, more mobile friendly way to receive company news
  • ! Inability for employees to easily create and share content with coworkers
Our team members are our most valued resource. Trying to inform and engage a large number of employees who don’t have company email or access to other traditional channels can be challenging. The ability to reach them in a way that’s convenient, on apps they already use helps us inform, engage and retain the very best people in our restaurant. That’s good for our teams, and great for our guests.
Program Manager

Creating Relevant Content to Connect with Employees

Once the company implemented Dynamic Signal’s mobile-first platform, it was able to streamline communications and delivery timely, relevant news to the right employee, at the right time. Dynamic Signal made it possible for employees with no corporate email address to gain access to important news and content to help them be more productive. And its employees now had a way to capture fun and exciting moments at work and share them across the company, further boosting its culture and content. Establishing a more modern company communications technology enabled the company to increase employee engagement on internally shared content. 100% of their content within the app is viewed, liked, or commented on.

How Dynamic Signal Helped

  • Implemented a mobile first platform which streamlines communications
  • Employees with no corporate email address can gain access to important information
  • Employees can capture moments at work and share them across the company
  • Employee engagement increased on internally shared content
  • 100% of their content within the app is viewed, liked, or commented on
55% of employees said that a mobile application would help them be more informed and engaged with their company. Mindshare

Move Your Communications Technology to the Future

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