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“Digital and mobile ads are often viewed as intrusive and low quality, which is why people click away or block them. But content that shows up on a friend's social feed is more apt to be viewed.“
David Armano Global Strategy Director
“Dynamic Signal has been an invaluable tool for us. It’s simple to use, and cuts down the process of social sharing for our employees and clients. It’s a great tool for brand amplification and we’ve seen widespread results. The platform is sleek, user friendly and seamless. I hope to continue to build our relationship with Dynamic Signal, including for our clients.“
John Simpson Chief Marketing Officer, POSSIBLE
“I love seeing our employees having fun doing something that also contributes to our marketing program. VoiceStorm takes away all the friction and leaves just the fun“
Kai Yen, Managing Director & CTO

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“We looked at everybody in the landscape, took a deep dive into product capabilities. Dynamic Signal rose to the top pretty quickly.“
Marcy Massura SVP / NYC Practice Lead @ MSLGROUP

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