Reach Deskless Workers through Mobile Technology

Connect your distributed workforce through our mobile company communication technology.

The Deskless Workers Challenge

Google estimates that 80% of the global workforce is performing physical or deskless work daily. These workers often don't have corporate email addresses or access to company information, driving a greater divide between them and your internal communications.

Disconnected Workforce
Inconsistent Engagement
Lack of Compliance

Increase Connectivity

Enabling mobile content to reach workers who aren’t around a computer throughout their working hours keeping them informed and engaged with the most relevant company news.

Tailor Content

The Dynamic Signal platform enables you to reach your employees with the right content, at the right time, wherever they are on a mobile device.

Establish Compliance

Leverage our compliance tools to ensure hourly workers understand the terms of their participation.

Benefits for Every Department of the Enterprise

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Simplify communications and make content accessible to your deskless workers with Dynamic Signal’s company communications app.

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