September308:00 am (EST)

Advertising Week: Brand Innovators Mega Trends

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Join us at Brand Innovators Mega Trends during Advertising Week in New York City.

The Summit

Over the past 20 years, the internet has changed how we consume and interact with all forms of content and information. Everyone, including major brands, has become a publisher. In addition, phones and other platforms have altered when and where we consume content. Meanwhile, geo-targeting and Big Data have created new ways for advertisers to send highly targeted messages to their consumers.

What’s in store for the next 20 years? Forward-looking brand marketers will find out at Brand Innovators Mega Trends in New York City during Advertising Week. Come join us and hear first hand from industry leaders about the major trends transforming the marketing and media industries today.

Advertising Week

Proudly marking its 12th year in New York, Advertising Week is a hybrid of inspiring thought leadership and highly entertaining, engaging special events, featuring the industry’s best and brightest. Advertising Week draws from the brand, agency, technology, startup, media and broader cultural communities, focusing on key conversations designed to drive the business forward and influence the global industry.

About Advertising Week:

  • A week long assembly of the industry’s best & brightest Thought Leaders.
  • A dedicated forum for elite brand marketers, creative visionaries and dynamic media leaders and influencers to share wisdom and success – Paving the Way Forward.
  • An immersive, accessible experience for the industry which is uplifting and creates excitement to both engage the present and Inspire the Future.
  • A springboard to create growth, attract and nurture talent and Generate Success.
  • A positive platform while not “delusional” this is very much about something Positive.