December210:00 am (PST)

If You Create Great Content, and No One Sees It, Did It Really Exist?

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You know that adage, “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there, does it still make a sound?” Well, content can be viewed in the same way.

Over USD $118 Billion was spent on content creation alone last year. Whether as individuals or on behalf the companies we work for, we are all a part of this massive industry, be it writing white papers, publishing international research, releasing quarterly earnings or retweeting on Twitter.

Because of social media and technologies like tablets, mobile phones and smart watches, we are all content producers AND content consumers, with the challenge of content distribution as the bottleneck between the two.

Be a part of this content conversation during a webinar taking place on December 2nd and hear three thought leaders share their experiences with content and the greater content ecosystem.

After this webinar, you’ll understand how to:

  • Explain the Content Ecosystem as it pertains to your organization
  • Create a framework for a comprehensive content strategy
  • Leverage Employee Advocacy to distribute all the your great content

Featured Speakers:

Julie Hayes, Sr. Brand Communications Manager, Autodesk

Julie Hayes leads employee and brand advocacy for Autodesk, a maker of 3D design software and consumer applications. Taking an inside-out approach, Julie has trained employees and agencies on the Autodesk story worldwide, and led communications for the company’s recent rebrand. As Autodesk begins a new paradigm in customer engagement, and recognizing the best advocates are sitting in the cube right next to you, Julie has launched Autodesk’s online employee advocacy program, activating 15% of the global employee base in its first year, while also expanding a similar approach to its 2500 Channel Partners.

Nick Robinson, Digital Strategist, SAP

Based in Philadelphia, Nick joined SAP in 2013 as part of the Social Media team, where he provided consulting and campaign services to North America industry teams. In 2014, he took on a larger role as a digital campaign manager for integrated plans. Since then, he has taken on the responsibility of developing the digital marketing strategy and enablement of marketing teams. He enjoys family, running, podcasting, writing and pets.

Prior to SAP, Nick was co-founder of Social Media HQ, providing social and digital consultancy services for mid-market businesses. He is also co-author of ‘StumbleUpon for Dummies’ (Wiley), and is an active blogger, podcaster, and speaker on digital marketing.

Scott Burke, Director of Business Development, Mortar Agency

Scott Burke is Mortar’s resident DJ, surf guru, and oh yeah, the Director of Business Development. When he’s not out dodging sharks (thanks El Ninho), he’s developing strategic communications for the likes of American Airlines, Deloitte, Eat24 and ShoreTel to name but a few.

Mortar is a San Francisco based strategic communications and advertising agency.

In his native Australia, Scott began his career in marketing at a little company called IBM, before moving on to an investment bank and heading up direct marketing for a national non-profit.