October24 (PST)

PRovoke16 Global PR Summit

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About the Event

Join Dynamic Signal at PRovoke16, the Holmes Report’s fifth Global Public Relations Summit. As the most important event in the global communications world’s calendar, this 3-day conference is a high-level forum designed for senior practitioners to address the critical issues facing the profession. The event attracts a diverse group of top-tier speakers and delegates from across the globe and also benchmarks and celebrates the best public relations and marketing work from around the world.

Tuesday, October 25th at 9:45am
Bypassing The Ad Blockers: Leveraging Employee & Cultural Influencers In Social Newsfeeds

Breaking through to audiences is more complex and difficult than ever. Trust is in short supply and attention even shorter. Technologies such as social media and mobile devices have put the world in people’s pockets but ultimately—it’s our peers who influence the stories we see and pay attention to. David Armano, Global Strategy Director at Edelman and David Honig, VP of Corporate Partnerships at Dynamic Signal, will outline how today’s empowered and entrusted workforce and cultural influencers can become a brand’s most valuable asset. Armano and Honig will demonstrate how today’s communicators and storytellers can break through modern obstacles including ad blockers and measure the value of trust and influence on a brand’s bottom line.

Speaker: David Honig, VP Corporate Partnerships, Dynamic Signal

Moderator: David Armano, Global Strategy Director, Edelman