September27 (PST)

Social Media Strategies Summit

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About the event

Join us at the Social Media Strategies Summit in San Franicsco, CA. Meet your peers and learn how you can fuel your social media strategy through compelling content, customer experience, brand storytelling, advocacy and technology. Learn how you can:

  • Break down organizational silos to allow a collaborative approach to social
  • Leverage trends and best practices in social media to become a better marketer
  • Set up success metrics in social and content marketing to tie strategy to revenue

The Intersection of Content and Social Media Strategy
Wednesday, September 28th at 2:15pm

Brands are creating content at exponential rates. Jeff Charney, CMO at Progressive was just quoted as saying, “The biggest issue in marketing today is the world’s reckless use of content. Everybody is flooding the web with their own content.” Some estimates put the spend on content creation at USD $118 billion in 2016. However, 70% of organizations will only spend an average of $1000 USD a month on content distribution. That is quite a difference.

Today’s brands use social media to reach audiences in ways that are more engaging, measurable and trusted. How are you making sure the content you are building for your social channels is effective? How are other successful organizations creating content strategies that make the best use of internal and external channels? Join Dynamic Signal’s VP of Marketing Dave Hawley as he speaks with Alexa Schirtzinger, Director of Content Marketing at Salesforce, about what drives the Salesforce content strategy, the various ways that content is distributed, why it’s crucial to measure content efficacy and the benefits of sharing company content on employee’s social channels.

Speaker: Alexa Schirtzinger, Director of Content Marketing, Salesforce
Moderator: Scott Schnaars, VP Sales, Dynamic Signal