Fortune 500 Company Uses Dynamic Signal to Keep Workforce Informed, Safe During Hurricane



Company Size

35,000 employees

This U.S.-based transportation and supply chain company is globally renowned for its distinctive fleet of commercial rental trucks. The business, which employs 35,000 workers, has its corporate headquarters in Miami and satellite locations in 48 states as well as around the world, including Mexico, Canada, China and the United Kingdom. Named among the World’s Most Admired Companies by Fortune magazine, this organization values strong employee communication and uses Dynamic Signal to keep the widely dispersed workforce informed and at its best on the job.

Previously, the company largely communicated with employees through printed newsletters. But starting in early 2017, the company transformed information distribution by using the Dynamic Signal Platform as its central communication system to deliver important content directly to employees in the manner they prefer – including on their mobile devices. Employees now are able to receive information such as news about recalls and mechanical issues, and regular messages from the CEO.

But in September 2017, the company leveraged Dynamic Signal for an even more important reason – keeping employees, and their families, safe in a time of dire crisis.

A Devastating Storm Approaches

Hurricane Irma, one of the most powerful hurricanes ever recorded in the Atlantic basin at Category 5, was barreling toward Miami. Disaster preparedness is part of this company’s DNA. The business is a proud member of the American Red Cross Disaster Responder Program. But this time, the Fortune 500 company found itself preparing for a hurricane landfall that would directly impact its own employees. The company used the Dynamic Signal Platform as a critical part of its disaster plan, making sure workers were informed – in real-time – of fast-moving developments.

The company was able to keep workers at the corporate headquarters, as well as more than 9,000 truck drivers in areas specifically affected by the hurricane, aware of critical weather updates and potentially life-saving news.

Key Communication Challenges

  • !Needed way to reach all impacted workers, wherever they were
  • !Needed to connect with workers even during power outages
  • !Needed an easy-to-administer platform to deliver important information
  • !Needed a platform that could measure if employees were receiving critical updates
74 percent of employees feel they’re missing out on important company information.

Staying Informed with Dynamic Signal

Days before landfall, the company announced through the Dynamic Signal platform to corporate employees that the Miami offices would be closing three days before the storm hit and that workers should make arrangements for their safety. There also were company-wide announcements to expect internal delays for functions supported out of the company headquarters, including IT, data and business support. Dynamic Signal was considered so vital to company communication during the storm that platform management was shifted to the Atlanta office, ensuring that employees would have access to information even if Miami was struck by the hurricane’s full force.

Because of the timeliness of notifications, 20 percent of company truck drivers were able to route around affected areas – keeping them out of harm’s way and allowing them to deliver cargo to customers who needed it.

The hurricane, which had sustained winds up to 112 mph, knocked out power to 7.7 million homes and businesses in Florida. But mobile cell service continued to work, and this allowed program managers to provide continual updates to employees via broadcast push notifications throughout the storm. After the hurricane had passed, the company used the platform to deliver information about the availability of food, water, ice and other necessities. It also shared how employees could work from home, bring their kids to the office because of school closures, and use company gas stations because of commercial shortages caused by the hurricane. Finally, the platform was used to mobilize volunteers for relief efforts that included assisting the Red Cross with money and blood donations.

How Dynamic Signal Helped

  • Kept all employees, and their families, safe
  • Employees were informed of all work-related developments due to the hurricane
  • Employees were aware that necessities like food and water were available from company
  • Strengthened the bond between the company and employees
43 percent of U.S. employees now work in a remote fashion at least part of the time. Gallup

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