Empower Employees To Be Brand Advocates

We provide all the vital services to allow brands to easily launch & manage employee and customer advocacy programs.


After our technology helps you to identify and evaluate influencers, Dynamic Signal will handle the first interactions with all of your potential brand advocates. We’ll introduce them to the concept of collaborating with your brand, and convey the benefits of joining your engagement community. We’ll train each of them as they become community members, including application training, introductions to other members and brand representatives, and preparation for their first collaboration.


Dynamic Signal has a host of tools that enable you to orchestrate the brand advocacy efforts of your inner circle members. Our Collaboration Support services complement those tools. We’ll help you choose a collaboration template that fits with your marketing objective, configure and customize it, and deploy it to all or a selection of your members. We’ll announce and promote your newly-released collaboration, to maximize member participation rates. We’ll keep participating members engaged throughout the duration of the collaboration, providing guidance about how they can be most effective in advocating for your brand. Finally, we’ll review incoming collaboration completions on your behalf, approving them or helping members correct any deficiencies so that they can be approved, keeping brand safety in mind. With our Collaboration Support services, you’ll be able to run multiple simultaneous word of mouth campaigns with freedom from logistical headaches.


Once your word of mouth campaigns have taken off, it’s time to reward those brand advocates who helped you get there. Dynamic Signal takes the administrative burden off your hands by handling all member payments. You can specify the rewards and Dynamic Signal will handle all distributions and tax filings. We’ll even provide a support line for your brand advocates to answer questions about their reward payouts. In cases where you prefer to reward your members by offering them special experiences that only your brand can provide, we’ll work with you to create deployable member experiences.


Dynamic Signal’s robust analytics tools track exactly how your brand is promoted by your advocates — every tweet, post, update — from one unified interface. Working with these detailed analytics and industry metrics, Dynamic Signal’s advisory team can help you demonstrate how your efforts within the social grid have boosted audience engagement, and how those efforts compare to traditional ad buys. Our advisory team is composed of veterans of the digital advertising industry who will assist you in every step of developing your inner circle of brand advocates. We’ll help you define the identity, scope and structure of your community, forecast its long-term performance for your brand, and understand best practices for working closely with influencers. Then, on an ongoing basis, we’ll bring you analyses and interpretations of your collaboration results, packaged for communication at all levels of your organization.


Your dedicated account manager is your go-to person for every aspect of influencer collaboration and community development. It is your account manager’s mission to eat, sleep and breathe your brand’s word of mouth marketing efforts, ready at all times to provide support, training and advice. They will be your source of information on every influencer in your special team, every feature in the Dynamic Signal platform, and every nuance of your collaboration data.