Managed Services

Maximize the Impact of Your Employee Communication and Engagement Programs

Dynamic Signal's Managed Services program enables you to build and scale a successful platform – faster. Create great employee experiences. Now!

Hiring Constraints and Skills Gaps Hamper Even the Best Programs

  • Experience Gaps: teams often excel at day-to-day operations, but struggle when faced with designing innovative programs
  • Operational Shortages: temporary family leave or unfilled positions lead to both missed goals and additional burnout
  • Corporate Initiatives: big projects can overwhelm teams when challenges of scale require the help of experienced specialists

Build Better Programs Faster

  • Drive employee adoption – starting with onboarding. We will help you create a large, thriving community with sustainable adoption practices
  • We’ll help you cut through the noise by giving employees the relevant, curated, customized, and targeted content they want and need
  • Our team has expertise in training, broadcasting, segmentation, reporting – and so much more

We’re Proud to be Part of Our Customers’ Success

Key Program Elements

  • Users: Customized training and best practices to help your employees see the platform’s benefit in their lives
  • Content: Tailored strategies to develop the kinds of useful information that keeps employees engaged and coming back for more
  • Platform: Everything you need for success, including managing platform operations, troubleshooting and testing, as well as individualized reporting metrics

Drive success with managed services

  • Connect: Manage and grow employee access to platform
  • Engage: Increase platform usage through community manager support/training, content strategy, and reporting
  • Activate: Create a rich community that both inspires employees and transforms them into brand ambassadors

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