Empower Employees To Be Brand Advocates

Empower Employees to Advocate on Social

Employee Advocacy

Engaged employees will:

Generate Leads
- Promote Offers
- Distribute Coupons

Increase Engagement
- Recruit Peers
- Promote Thought Leadership

Raise Productivity
- Share Company News
- Support Customers

Employees are the lifeline of any company. All brands have an opportunity to partner with their employees to accelerate brand goals and drive awareness, reach, engagement and revenue. With VoiceStorm by Dynamic Signal, now you can turn every employee into a powerful brand advocate in an easy to use, brand-safe environment.


78% of salespeople using social outsell their peers
- Jim Keenan via Forbes

Your Challenge:

  • Generate more leads.
  • Drive referrals.
  • Distribute coupons and special offers to customers.

The Solution:

  • Use VoiceStorm to get employees to share customer wins, success stories to drive interest and consideration.
  • Have employees post coupons or special offers that track back to your eCommerce site using VoiceStorm.


  • Speed lead generation and customer acquisition
  • Reduce list purchasing costs
  • Cultivate new leads and drive sales


41% of people believe a company’s employees rank higher in public trust than a firm’s PR department, CEO or founder
-Edelman’s 2013 Trust Barometer

Your Challenge:

  • Increase awareness, consideration and demand for your products/services
  • Source customer use cases, success stories
  • Change perception and manage brand reputation online

The Solution:

  • Ask employees to distribute product/event news, marketing content and promotional announcements
  • Using VoiceStorm, employees can solicit their networks for customer and user generated content
  • Use employees to dispel negative sentiment, build positive brand perception, all while maintaining brand control.


  • Increase awareness and reach at lowest distribution cost with highest engagement value
  • Reduce content generation costs, distribution costs and time to market
  • Drive real time feedback and response


14% job seekers searched for jobs on Facebook.
- Jobvite

Your Challenge:

  • Keeping employees engaged, motivated and productive
  • Recruiting and filling critical open positions
  • Driving change and performance management

The Solution:

  • Use VoiceStorm tracking and gamification features to recognize and reward active contributors
  • Post job listings and have employees share across their professional networks.
  • Use VoiceStorm as a communication platform, reaching deskless and mobile workers


  • Increase employee productivity via engaged workforce
  • Improve quality of hires through employee referrals, reduce time to hire and employee turnover.
  • Get employees on the same page faster, improve company morale and pride


Corp Comm
Open rates on mobile push notifications are 65-85% vs. email open rates of 7%
- Typical Dynamic Signal Community Results

Your Challenge:

  • Manage public brand perception and representation online
  • How to keep a mobile and distributed workforce informed on the latest news and events

The Solution:

  • Using VoiceStorm, employees can share brand approved content to reinforce or dispel perception
  • Any employee with a smartphone can receive push notifications anywhere, anytime using VoiceStorm’s mobile application for Android and iOS.


  • Align management and employees while unifying messages in market.
  • Improve company productivity, reduce support costs for less effective employee communication vehicles