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Video Killed the Intranet Star

Video Killed the Intranet Star

September 1, 2016

By Scott Schnaars

Ever since we launched Company Moments, our video communications feature, I’ve been using it to announce new customers and new hires. The great news is that this has made me one of the top users of video in the company. Since then, my peers in marketing and product have gotten on board too. Marketing sends […]

Press Record Pro Tips For Creating Mobile Video and LiveStreams

Press Record! Pro Tips For Creating Mobile Video and LiveStreams

March 15, 2016

By James Nickerson

You’ve seen them, haven’t you? “PBSNewsHour is Live Now!” in your Facebook Feed. Or 10 second autoplay videos or gifs in your Twitter stream or Instagram. Whether it’s the daily news, your company’s content or a friend’s social updates, video is the way we communicate. The data supporting this trend is staggering. We’ve now watched […]

Announcing Company Moments: Engage With Your Employees Using Native Video

Announcing Dynamic Signal’s Company Moments

December 1, 2015

By Russ Fradin

Engage, Enlighten and Educate Employees Through Quick and Easy-to-Use Video Broadcasts We are proud to be the market leader in Employee Advocacy and the industry standard for the majority of Fortune 1,000 brands worldwide. Thanks to the amazing collaborative relationships we have built with our leading brand enterprise customers and partners, we continue to drive […]