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Company communications platform Dynamic Signal recently released The State of Workplace Communications report, its first annual study of communication professionals. The report gives insight into which channels are currently being used to disseminate important information, the challenges communication leaders face in communicating effectively within their organizations, and what budget is being allocated to solve these challenges. WORKPLACE COMMUNICATIONS ARE DISCONNECTED Survey […]

There are many things about HR communication that we’ve accepted as “the way it is” for far too long. As practitioners of HR-oriented communications, and as employees ourselves, we should expect more. But giving up on how we’ve done things for decades isn’t always so easy. We get stuck in habits and patterns and analog […]

Company leaders talk a lot about how to communicate with their employees. After all, teams that are “in the know” are likely to be more motivated and productive than those who are left in the dark. It’s relatively easy to send a mass email to every employee or to implement an company communication software solution, […]

Last year the truth was challenged, changed and even disregarded. Opinions are being marketed as fact. The democratization of content distribution allows anyone to publish to the world. And social media has become a major source of news while also facing criticism for being an algorithmic-driven echo chamber. The proliferation of fake news impacts society in many ways, and […]

Let’s face it: there’s been very little in the news lately that has uniformly been met with applause. Yet Arthur Blank, a co-founder of Home Depot and current owner of the Atlanta Falcons, provided a rare exception recently: after the Falcons qualified for the Super Bowl, Blank decided to celebrate his team’s achievements by bringing along all […]

Healthy communication begets brand advocacy. When your teams are happy, engaged and connected with their coworkers, they are more likely to share positive content with their networks. In this 4-part blog series, we will explore how employee communications and advocacy provides value to every company department and what you can do to improve both. The […]

Currently, three-quarters of all U.S. workers feel like their companies aren’t doing a good enough job of employee communications — which is causing a major disengagement epidemic. This begs the question: How does your company go about keeping its employees in the loop? Do you send out impersonal, easy-to-ignore mass emails and hope they survive […]

Internal communications is a mission critical function in most organizations. Ironically, it is also the function that gets short changed when it comes to innovation, new technologies, and support. Most large companies’ internal communications strategy centers around their intranet. Usually, these intranets are clunky beasts with as much embedded functionality as possible. For all the […]

In my first video, The Power of Employee Engagement, I discussed the value of creating a culture of engagement. Next I wanted to address communication in the workplace. If you ever wondered how you, as a leader, could increase the level of communication with those who work for you, the following video will offer a […]

Disparate and distributed workforces have been around for a while. Think about a global car manufacturer that has workers on factory floors in countries around the world, or fast food franchises that have hundreds of locations in dozens of cities. Employee Communications within these companies might consist of a corkboard in the break room, inter-office […]