michael brito

We recently had the pleasure of co-presenting a webinar with LEWIS Global Communications. Our VP of marketing, Dave Hawley, was joined by Michael Brito, Head of US Digital Marketing for LEWIS Global Communications and author of several books, including the soon to be released Participation Marketing: Unleashing Employees to Participate and be Brand Storytellers. During […]

Brand storytelling. Just another buzzword or a proven marketing practice? Some would argue both ways. I am in the camp that believe brands need to tell stories in a way that delivers relevance and nurtures emotional or rational equity. We all love to hear good stories. It’s a fundamental part of our DNA. It’s what […]

Yesterday, I sat in on the CMI webinar, Hacking The Content Distribution Model, hosted by CMI’s Robert Rose. The slides are available here. It was an hour well spent to be sure! The webinar had a “deep bench” for the panel, including Alexa Schirtzinger, Director of Content Marketing for Salesforce, Alexandra Shockey, Social Media Advisor […]

Don’t miss this upcoming webinar on November 18, 2015 at 10am PT/1pm ET High-performing organizations make employee communications a priority. They know an engaged workforce makes for a more successful organization, but is it time to rethink what employee communications can be in the digital era? Many organizations have found that traditional methods of employee […]

There’s a lot of fluff on the internet today. I know because I’m guilty of writing fluff in the past. No thinking. No substance. All assumptions. The barrier to entry to writing fluff doesn’t exist. Anyone can recycle their own or others’ thought leadership with zero effort. There is, however, a barrier to entry to […]