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It’s now been 6 years since Jim, Steve, and I founded Dynamic Signal- and we’ve had quite the adventure! Our once tiny team has grown to 150 people across the US and UK that I feel lucky to work with every day. We invented a category and built the most trusted communications technology platform, serving […]

With the last days of summer behind us, it’s time to take stock in our “State Of The State” here at Dynamic Signal. In short, there is a lot of exciting stuff happening. First, Dynamic Signal is proud to announce Scott Schnaars as VP of Enterprise Sales. With this latest hire, Dynamic Signal has rounded […]

More Authentic and More Personalized Dynamic Signal created the Employee Advocacy category and is now taking it to the next level by introducing our next generation of the platform. This new version is a game-changer, giving customers a more authentic experience by personalizing and targeting content, as well as making it easier to run an […]

By now most socially savvy companies have stumbled on the veritable goldmine of employee advocacy, or put another way, the value of empowering employees to share a company message through their own social media networks. It may seem simple enough at first. Someone crafts a tweet or post and then sends a company wide notification […]

Click Here to Read the Official Press Release We are excited to announce 5 non-profit organizations that will receive a free license of our advocacy platform, VoiceStorm, as part of our new charitable program called #InfluenceGood. The goal of the #InfluenceGood program is to help these worthy organizations amplify their social marketing efforts by engaging […]