We recently sat down with Tiffany Hsu, Manager of Social Media Marketing at Salesforce to explore how her team has built their ambassador program of 7,000+ employees and counting. On this webinar, our Director of Marketing, G.I. Sanders joined Hsu on a webinar covering their biggest insights and successes. The Social Media team at Salesforce […]

A couple weeks ago we had the great pleasure of co-presenting a webinar with Deloitte about their employee advocacy program. Titled 3 Brilliant Ways Deloitte Took Employee Advocacy to the Next Level, this webinar featured Turner Roach and Aida Ahmed from Deloitte discussing how they have continued to scale and improve their program over the […]

We recently had the great pleasure of co-presenting a webinar with the External Communications team at Vodafone, a multinational telecommunications company based in the UK. Our Director of Marketing, G.I. Sanders, was joined by Kimberley Harcombe and Emma Cook from Vodafone to discuss how they were able to expand their program to almost 2,000 employees, […]

We recently had the great pleasure of co-presenting a webinar with the brand experience team at Ericsson. Our VP of marketing, Dave Hawley, was joined by Sonia Boije, Director of Global Brand Experience at Ericsson and Lisa Smith-Strother, Sr. Director of Global Employer Brand, Recruitment Marketing and Diversity TA Head at Ericsson. During the webinar, Sonia and Lisa shared how […]

We recently had the pleasure of co-presenting a webinar with LEWIS Global Communications. Our VP of marketing, Dave Hawley, was joined by Michael Brito, Head of US Digital Marketing for LEWIS Global Communications and author of several books, including the soon to be released Participation Marketing: Unleashing Employees to Participate and be Brand Storytellers. During […]

A couple weeks ago we co-presented a webinar with Turner Roach, Social Media Marketing Manager at Deloitte Services LLP. Our VP Marketing Dave Hawley and he discussed the transformation the company’s employee advocacy program has been through in recent years, from a home grown “copy-and-paste this tweet from an email” process to a formalized program […]

We recently had the pleasure of co-presenting a webinar with Air Canada. Our very own Dave Hawley was joined by Michelle Young, Manager of Global Sales Communication & Partnerships. It was great to hear Michelle tell the Air Canada story, and learn about how they are utilizing Dynamic Signal to transform the way they currently […]

Late last week, I listened into our webinar with Andrew Cutler, Executive and Internal Communications Manager at BMW of North America. He spoke about the state of communications today and programs BMW are implementing to inform and engage their employees across four distinct, global brands. It was exciting to hear how a global company with […]

Yesterday, I sat in on the CMI webinar, Hacking The Content Distribution Model, hosted by CMI’s Robert Rose. The slides are available here. It was an hour well spent to be sure! The webinar had a “deep bench” for the panel, including Alexa Schirtzinger, Director of Content Marketing for Salesforce, Alexandra Shockey, Social Media Advisor […]

Billions of dollars will be spent on content creation in 2016; in comparison, one study reports 70% of marketers plan on spending just $1,000 per month on content distribution. Why spend so much money making something then not ensuring it gets delivered? Similarly, companies look to distribute content about their products, brands, culture etc. in […]