Connect with Your Most Valued Asset, Your Employees

Modernize, streamline, and measure your employee communication and content with one platform.


Outdated business channels do not meet the challenge of connecting with every employee in today’s rapidly changing workplace. A mobile-optimized Employee Communication and Engagement Platform enables organizations to reach all workers in real time with personalized, relevant content in the way they want and expect.

Only 13% of employees visit their intranet daily (Prescient Digital Media)


Organizations and employees are frustrated by fragmented systems that inconsistently deliver important content and reduce engagement. Consolidating communication with a single, easily accessible platform ensures workers always get the crucial information they need to do their jobs better and more efficiently.

More informed employees outperform their peers by 77%(Gartner/CEB)


Organizations have no accurate method of measuring the reach, impact or effectiveness of their communication efforts. But when all channels are integrated into one platform, communicators can confidently track engagement, measure results, then use those metrics to improve communication strategies.

Only 14% of communicators are confident in their ability to measure their efforts. (Gartner/CEB)

Learn why more than 20 percent of the Fortune 100 communicates with Dynamic Signal

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