When Dynamic Signal Met SxSW


Before it becomes ancient history, I’ve written a quick summary of marketing’s (and Jim’s) adventures at SxSW.

Over the course of my approximately 62 hours in Austin (from touchdown to takeoff), Dynamic Signal participated in a grand total of three presentations.  I personally attended two concerts.  And I mistook one person for a celebrity (an Ellie Goulding look-a-like who turned out to be a local with a hipster haircut).  Great success all around.

For our first talk on Monday the 11th, Jim Larrison delivered a 15 minute Future15 presentation on the power of employee advocacy highlighting our VoiceStorm platform.  The session, titled, ‘Creating Brand Advocates via Employee Engagement’, attracted a crowd of roughly 100.  You can read the session description here and check out the photo below to see him in action.

For our second presentation, Kenny killed it representing Dynamic Signal on a panel with Jon Peters of AMD for an hour-long presentation titled, ‘Who Owns Your Fans?  Not You!’.  They spoke in front of roughly 100 attendees as well.  Read the session description here.  Kenny and Jon cheesing for the camera below.

Finally, Ajay, Kenny, and I led a 2.5 hour workshop titled, ‘How to Get Fans to Spread Your Message’.  150 people attended the workshop and participated in developing their own unique advocacy marketing programs during the session!  Read the session description here and view the PowerPoint here.  See one brave volunteer sharing the brands she interacts with in the first 15 minutes of her day in the photo below.

When we weren’t preparing for our presentations (the vast majority of our time), we had meetings with clients, briefings with analysts, and got free rides from Sidecar and Uber for tweeting at them (SxSW has a strange social media barter economy) among other activities.

Combined, the three sessions generated over 30 (and counting) twitter responses during and after the presentations requesting follow-up contact or presentation decks. Our internal SxSW related VoiceStorm posts generated over 36,000 social media impressions.  SxSW increased activity on our DS site, generating a great deal of clicks on our SxSW event post. We generated positive leads, and (hopefully) a great deal of positive awareness around Dynamic Signal as a thought leader for employee advocacy and brand amplification solutions. Finally and most importantly, the photo I Instagrammed of my speaker’s badge racked up 35 likes.  My most liked post to date.

Speaking on behalf of the team here, I’ll say that despite the stress of preparing for our presentations, it was a very rewarding trip for all those involved.  If they’d like to say otherwise, they can write their own blog posts.  Already looking forward to SxSW 2014.  I’m even considering extending my stay beyond 62 hours next time.

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Jim Larrison

Jim Larrison is the Co-Founder & General Manager at Dynamic Signal. He is responsible for overseeing the company’s direction, product innovation, and market strategy to become a global provider of SaaS based advocate and social marketing enterprise solutions for leading Global 2K brands. Jim lives in the Chicago area with his wife and two sons. Jim is an influential movie fanatic, local politico, blogger, and photographer. On weekends, you can catch him on the sidelines of his sons' football or lacrosse games with a few Nikon cameras around his neck.