Brand Innovators - Dallas 2013

Employee Advocacy is Common Thread at Brand Innovators Summit in Dallas


In recent years content marketing has become a major focus for brand marketers looking to make an impact within digital and social media. This was the theme of yesterday’s Brand Innovators Summit held in Dallas, Texas at the headquarters of cosmetics giant Mary Kay. Top marketers from major brands like Frito-Lay, AT&T, IBM, American Airlines, Motorola and of course Mary Kay were on hand to share their experiences and stories of how they’ve utilize content marketing as an effective strategy in their current marketing and promotions.

The agenda featured digital marketing experts from many of the brands mentioned, and acted as a collaborative forum for Q&A following most sessions. Discussions centered around best practices, case studies, and first hand experiences on where a brand’s focus should lie when executing a content marketing approach. Regardless if you are an expert on content marketing or a novice, there was excellent programming that delivered valuable insights throughout the day.

Ted Rubin, a respected social media strategist who has worked with many top brands and agencies, keynoted the event with a session entitled “The Content and Connection IS the Ad”. He spoke in great depth about the value of relationship building when it comes to brands and their audiences.

“Want more from social media? Empower your employees as brand advocates”, exclaimed Ted.

It was a perfect segue into the afternoon session where Dynamic Signal’s own Joe Bunner had the opportunity of participating in a fireside chat with AMD’s John Peters. Advocacy was a recurring theme of the entire event as it has recently become the backbone of many content marketing discussions. More specifically they dove deep into AMD’s global approach of employee advocacy which is empowering their employees to be a new marketing channel for their tech focused content.

Content marketing is no longer an option, but a necessity for top brands looking to break through to their core audience of consumers and advocates. Brand Innovators continues to do an excellent job of pulling together the smartest marketers in a single room to discuss the industries most forward thinking topics. It was refreshing to hear how many sessions referenced not only advocacy, but employee advocacy in particular, as an emerging trend. We’re already looking forward to the next event in San Francisco late this month!

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