The Best Social Media Tool Your Company ISN'T Using

The Best Social Media Tool Your Company ISN’T Using


Many companies think they’ve got a handle on this social media thing. They tweet. They post on Facebook. That’s all there really is to it, right? While these companies should be applauded for recognizing the power and value of social media, there is actually a little bit more to it than that.

Must-Have Social Media Tools

In order for a company to succeed in growing its brand online, employees need to leverage the appropriate social media tools. These tools can help streamline processes within an organization, allowing for seamless content posting, information sharing, and progress tracking.

What are some of the common social media services and tools businesses utilize?

Analytics. How else can you figure out what works and what doesn’t in terms of building your brand? Analytics allow you to find out which links get the most clicks, which hashtags are the most used and effective, and what your conversion rate looks like on social. Tools like Simply Measured and Moz Analytics allow companies to measure their social media presence with in-depth reports and analyses.

Keyword monitoring. You can use monitoring tools that notify you when specific, relevant terms pop up on social networks. You can create Google Alerts based on your keywords or use a monitoring tool like Social Mention to concentrate on just social media sites. These monitoring tools make it easy to see what people are saying about you or your product/service in the social sphere.

Social media management. The importance of this tool can’t be understated. Companies need to give their teams a system that streamlines campaign management across multiple social networks all from within a single interface. Being able to create posts and schedule and share content, makes it easy to build your company’s social presence from a central dashboard. Social media management tools allow you to share content on a consistent basis to help build your brand reputation as a true industry authority. Tools like SocialOomph, HootSuite, or SproutSocial allow you to manage your social media efforts in one place.

While all of these tools are important, they don’t perform a key function of social media: amplifying your brand’s reach. That’s where an Employee Advocacy Platform comes in. While you can spend your days crafting the right content with the perfect accompanying tweets, the effects on your business performance won’t be as significant as if you also had a team of advocates supporting your efforts. That’s why we think an Employee Advocacy Platform is probably the best social media tool your company ISN’T using, but should.

What Can An Employee Advocacy Platform Do For Me?

Though its primary function is to help employees advocate for your brand on social, it can also:

Open lines of communication. An effective Employee Advocacy Platform will open the lines of communication within a company, as well as with the company’s customers. It allows for seamless internal sharing as well as the ability to share important news and content with the outside world. You can manage and cultivate social relationships with your employees, customers, and fans at scale.

Facilitate content curation. Team members can aggregate, create, and share content from one place. An Employee Advocacy Platform makes it easy for a community manager to curate content for the rest of the team to share. Team members can also share approved, brand-safe content that they’ve created in a central hub.

Gamify social sharing. Incentivize and gamify content creation and sharing using activities, points, and leaderboards within your Employee Advocacy Platform. You can make social sharing fun and easy for your employees, while recognizing and rewarding your most active brand advocates.

Measure, analyze, and optimize. Pull detailed reports that allow you to see the effectiveness of your advocacy initiatives. An Employee Advocacy Platform allows you to track all brand-related social activity while providing insight into ROI metrics, trend and earned media analyses, and content activity.

By using an Employee Advocacy Platform, your company will be on the path to social media success. We know it’s a pain to think about implementing a new tool. You need to determine how an Employee Advocacy Platform fits into your organization. An ideal one is built to complement the social tools you’re already using, and simply amplify the information you’re sharing to provide the greatest business value.

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