The future of marketing advocacy

PivotCon2013: The Future of Marketing Advocacy (Video Session)


A few weeks ago at PivotCon 2013, I sat down to interview best-selling authors, Cheryl and Mark Burgess. We discussed their new book, The Social Employee, and how companies can empower their employees to become brand advocates.

Here are some of the discussion highlights:

2:28 – The importance of social selling and the highlights of Dynamic Signal’s recent social selling survey (see the full results here).

4:58 – How social employees can help build a trustworthy brand.

6:28 – The benefits of employee advocacy for employees.

7:54 – The importance of the social executive in empowering employees to become advocates.

9:55 – Building a bridge between social employees and social customers.

12:45 – How to make employee advocacy easy with social media guardrails and employee advocacy platforms.

14:50 – How brands can overcome the fear of empowering their employees to be social.

Want to continue this discussion with us? Send Cheryl, Mark, or me a tweet to keep the conversation going. If you missed out on PivotCon, you can get caught up with our wrap up blog post here.

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