VoiceStorm API

Advocacy Everywhere with the Simple VoiceStorm API


Empower your employees and customers to advocate for your brand everywhere on the web or even on a mobile app. Want to build a social sharing leaderboard into your Facebook company page? How about giving your employees the ability to share brand relevant, curated content directly from your company’s mobile app? All that and more is now possible with the just released VoiceStorm API.

The VoiceStorm API is a robust set of REST APIs and JavaScript widgets that allow you to build a fully functional social community on top of the powerful VoiceStorm platform. Through a simple API you can manage content, register users, retrieve leaderboards, manage notifications, and many additional actions. Our embeddable JavaScript widgets allow a web developer to easily display content or content streams, user profiles, common login and registration tasks, and show leaderboards. By using a combination of these APIs and Widgets together, you can spin up a full featured employee engagement or customer advocacy portal. Best of all, our APIs and Widgets are easy to use and work with standard web and mobile technologies.

The Getting Started Guide allows a developer to quickly build beautiful, easy-to-use, and powerful employee and customer advocacy portals. We’ve created a world class solution for user registration, social provider registration, content ingestion, curation and management leaving you to focus on building a great site and providing the best user experience.

Visit the VoiceStorm API portal to get started today.

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Steve Heyman

Entrepreneur, CTO and Co-founder of Dynamic Signal. As the technical co-founder, I am responsible for the technical vision, the development team, and the code!