Employee Engagement Infographic

Why Employee Engagement Should Matter to Your Company


A report by Blessing White found that employee engagement or a lack of engagement can have a significant impact on your business, in areas ranging from retention to shareholder return.

Engaged employees feel deeply connected to their company and its mission, which is likely why 87% of engaged employees would remain with their company if offered employment elsewhere. In contrast, in the same situation, 40% of disengaged employees would take the offer and leave.

High-engagement organizations saw a total shareholder return that was 19% higher than average. On the other hand, low-engagement organizations saw a total shareholder return that was 44% lower than average. This is why employee engagement matters.

Domo and CEO.com put together a great infographic, based on the results of Blessing White’s report, which breaks down what every business leader should know about employee engagement.


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