5 Creative Ways to Engage in Holiday Social Selling


It’s that time of year. Snow begins to fall. Families sip hot cocoa by the fireplace. And everybody goes nuts trying to find the best deals on holiday gifts. Consumers are prepped and primed to spend money during the holidays, but it’s your job to encourage them to spend money on what you’re selling.

With that in mind, here are a few ideas for engaging in social selling and boosting holiday sales at the same time:



People like free stuff. That should come as no surprise. But how you give away goodies varies in effectiveness. You certainly could run a promotion on Facebook where the person who makes the best comment wins. Or, you could expand your reach a bit. Using a randomizer or a giveaway app like Rafflecopter, pick a winner then reward the person who referred the winner as well. This increases the likelihood of each entrant winning, which makes people want to share your giveaway just a little bit more.

2. Offer a Post-Black Friday Coupon

The day after Thanksgiving (and even Thanksgiving night these days–sheesh!) is known as the ultimate shopping day. People are looking to buy on Black Friday but why should sales be limited to that day and Cyber Monday alone? Tweet and post on Facebook with an exclusive offer for your fans in the days and weeks after the biggest shopping day of the year. You’ll not only drive more sales from your current customer base–you’ll also encourage social sharing, which drives new customers through your virtual doors. Make sure the deal is good enough to capture attention, however. Now is not the time for run-of-the-mill discounts. Go big or go home.



A creative way to get people really engaged with your brand this holiday season is to make a public board on Pinterest and ask people to post their favorite holiday products. Or, you can ask them to pin photos related to your business in some way. For instance, if you sell custom made furniture, maybe people could post photos of their own handcrafted, custom work. Whoever gets the most Repins and Likes wins a prize–like a free item or a credit toward their next purchase.

4. Digital Gifts

Another way to build engagement and encourage people to talk about your products or services is to offer digital gifts. Facebook is great for this. Who doesn’t love getting a gift during the holidays? You can partner with Facebook as a business to have your company listed as a gift card option when users want to give a gift to a friend. Facebook no longer allows you to give physical gifts, unfortunately, but gift cards still work and in some cases can be more effective since recipients can pick out whatever they’d like from a given merchant. Fill out the Merchant Interest Form to have your company considered for the Gift program. There’s no guarantee you’ll be accepted but it’s definitely worth looking into.



A fun possibility is to offer mystery coupons as suggested by Wildfire Unique coupon codes allow you to set up mystery deals that can be redeemed on your fan page or website. Consumers will be so curious as to what they’ve won, they’ll hurry over to your page and are much more likely to make a purchase as a result. In the linked example, Jamba Juice offered “Feel Good Bucks” or lucky coupons. Their worth wasn’t revealed until redeemed in-store with values ranging from $1 to $10,000! The return-on-investment is fantastic for this kind of promotion because of the increased likelihood of it being shared across all social networks.


Holiday social selling isn’t all that different from your social selling efforts all year. You should just be more proactive in your efforts, because the holidays bring more consumers who want to make purchases. And if you focus on the spirit of giving in the way you frame your posts, you should definitely ring in the New Year with increased social media sales.

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