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The Advocacy Anywhere Phenomenon


We live in a hyper-connected world. Nowhere is this more evident than in the amount of information generated online, and the ability to amplify it through various digital outlets and devices. In just a few keystrokes and mouse-clicks, popularity of a piece of content can reach viral proportions! This is true not only for cute cat videos, but also for branded content (sometimes, they may be one and the same, like with this!). However, with all this digital hyper-connectedness comes the battle for attention spans and the need for curation. A brand’s online audiences increasingly appreciate curated content and ease of access. Their employees are no different. Take me, a Dynamic Signal employee, as an example. The easier it is for me to share company-related content, the more I share. The faster it is for me to access company-related content, the more I share. The more avenues from where I can access company-related content, you guessed it, the more I share!

We think about this behavior a lot at Dynamic Signal. How employees can amplify brand content more and faster, if they are presented it in a carefully curated manner and can access it from any digital locations they find convenient. We call this phenomenon (drumroll please) Advocacy Anywhere, and it drives our employee advocacy platform development and our services strategy.

I am not just referring to a user being able to read, share, and submit content from the branded hub (which we can help customize heavily per brand requirements), via email (brand admin-triggered content broadcasts, points-based and time-based calls to action), or mobile (native apps on iOS and Android); all that is so six months ago. We have also been relentlessly developing functionality that enables a user on the Dynamic Signal platform to read, share, and even submit content from many other places.

Advocacy via Online Hub: a beautiful example


Advocacy via Email: Simple sharing through Email Notifications


Advocacy via Mobile: Email Notifications on Mobile


Advocacy via Browser Extension:

A user on the Dynamic Signal platform can now also share and/or submit content right from their browsers (Chrome and Firefox) even if they are not within the branded hub site; the Dynamic Signal browser extension makes this possible. Additionally, a user can see desktop notifications whenever there is new content in their brand hub.

Sharing through the Browser Extension

Notifications Directly to your Desktop

Advocacy via Hashtags

Now, we also know that many employees of a brand talk about it organically across their social channels. In order to recognize (and reward!) this activity, a brand can now reward its hub members for mention of one or more hashtags. As an example, each time I mention #ILoveDynamicSignal on my registered Facebook or Twitter accounts, I can earn 10 points. Um, yes please. Additionally, each such Facebook post or Tweet from a registered member that mentions this hashtag can also be sourced into the brand hub for publication, so that other interested members can share it, furthering its social reach!

Generate your hashtag and share with members

So, what is Advocacy Anywhere? It is access to sharing, submitting, and winning (points and rewards) via web hubs, mobile web access, branded mobile apps, browser extensions, email CTAs, and even ‘off-app’ hashtags!

But Advocacy Anywhere does not stop here. Remember how I started off by talking about living in a hyper-connected world? Well, that statement will continue to be true as we look toward the future of employee advocacy. At Dynamic Signal, we are committed to keeping up with this fast-paced trend by enabling many more touchpoints for brands and their employees to effortlessly curate, access, and amplify content and grow their relationships.

If you’d like to get a more in depth look at our Employee Advocacy platform and learn more about advocacy anywhere, schedule a demo.

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