Top Social Media Victories

Top Social Media Victories of 2013


While there have certainly been some social media mishaps, this year brought some great success stories as well. These are brands that took risks, but well thought out risks. Some were forced to act quickly, but still kept in mind how their messages would come across. Let’s hear it for some of this year’s victors:


Oreo isn’t new to social media success. They were a big hit with last year’s “Daily Twist” campaign, where the company shared a different, topical cookie image daily for 100 days, to celebrate their 100th anniversary. During this year’s Superbowl though, Oreo shined with their quick thinking. When the power went out during the game, Oreo stole the show with a simple tweet saying, “You can still dunk in the dark.” It was simple, humorous, and timely. Fans connected with it and retweeted it 10,000 times in an hour. Slam dunk for Oreo.

Oreo Tweet


Dove has been a long time supporter of real beauty. Since 2005, Dove has created campaigns to encourage women to embrace who they are, because that’s beautiful. They took the idea of real beauty to new heights this year with their “Dove Real Beauty Sketches” video. It shows an FBI trained forensic artist asking women to describe their physical features and then he draws them, without seeing them and based solely on the description they provide. Then, the artist draws a second picture of the same woman, but this time, he receives a description from someone else who met the original woman. We’ll let you watch the video and see for yourself what happens, but for Dove, the results have been incredible. It has been viewed well over 100 million times and received so much press that they had 4.3 billion PR impressions in under a month.




Gap Social Media Image

As part of Gap’s “Make Love” campaign, one ad featured a bearded Sikh man with a turban and a woman leaning into him. It’s part of Gap’s nationwide campaign that’s encouraging diversity and focuses on spreading love this holiday season. Unfortunately, not everyone was feeling the holiday spirit and someone covered the ad in a New York City subway station with racist graffiti.

Thanks to social media, the story was shared and the public and Gap got the chance to show that they don’t support the hateful messages. In just a day, Gap made steps to replace the vandalized ad, set the ad as the background image on their Facebook and Twitter profiles, and told the public that, “Gap is a brand that celebrates inclusion and diversity.” People from all over joined in with supportive posts and #ThankYouGap. Thank you Gap is right!


DiGiorno may not be delivery pizza, but they certainly delivered laughs across the Twittersphere just a few weeks ago. During NBC’s The Sound of Music Live, DiGiorno snuck into the spotlight by using #TheSoundofMusicLive and hilarious pizza related commentary. What does pizza have to do with the von Trapp family? Not much. But DiGiorno knew they’d have a large, captive audience and found a way to make themselves relevant. Gems like #DiGiorNOYOUDIDNT won’t soon be forgotten. You bet they got a pizza our hearts.

DiGiorno Tweet
DiGiorno Tweet 2

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