Employee Advocacy Video Session

Brand Innovators Content Marketing Summit: Employee Advocacy Video Session


A few weeks ago, at the Brand Innovators Content Marketing Summit in NYC, we had a great session titled, “Awake the Sleeping Giant: Empower Your Brand’s Employees to Become Advocates & Social Sellers!” I sat down with Mark Burgess, President of Blue Focus Marketing and co-author of The Social Employee, to discuss how companies can boost their business success with employee advocacy.


Here are some of the discussion highlights:

2:58– The Edelman Trust Barometer- Messages distributed by employees have a 58% higher engagement and conversion rate than when sent by Corporate Marketing.

4:14– The secrets of IBM’s success.

8:00– How to help employees generate the right content.

9:55– What kind of content is effective for employees to create or share and how can brands encourage employees to advocate?

11:00– The connection between Employee Advocacy and Employee Engagement and how brands can measure it.

12:37– What can brands ask for in terms of content from employees and how can they promote this content?

14:00– How brands can prevent employees from going rogue on social.

17:26– Why employees will care about and participate in an employee advocacy program.

Watch the video above for the full discussion on employee advocacy. To learn more about employee advocacy, download our primer now.

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