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Social Selling: 4 Traits of Highly Effective Social Salespeople


All salespeople can start social selling, but what makes certain sellers more effective? Are some people just inherently better at using social media for sales? Don’t despair if you’re not a social media expert (yet). There are some traits that the most effective social sellers have in common, but they can be learned.

These successful social sellers are typically defined by the following 4 key traits:


They Are Outgoing

There’s no arguing this point — salespeople simply have to be social. On social media, that means that salespeople can’t just passively listen to industry news and follow brand specific hashtags. Salespeople should do those, but the key is to actually reach out and connect with others on social media. Some of those people should be prospects or those who could potentially connect you to a prospect. What’s important is that social sellers understand that engaging on social media is about more than sharing a product coupon. Rather, it’s about creating conversations with real people. The more you portray yourself as a real person, the better your results will be.


They Are Relevant

Rather than focusing on direct sales, social sellers do everything in their power to stay relevant within their industry. According to HubSpot, you should “let customers tell you how to be relevant.” That is, you should always adjust your strategy to reflect the needs of your customers and keep them engaged in an ongoing conversation about your products or services.

Look at your own company-branded social media channels. See what topics your social media manager is focusing on, who they’re following and interacting with, and who’s taking notice of them. Go ahead and share some company blog posts (especially those that are informational and not solely promotional) and when you have a better handle on it, introduce broader, industry related content. 


They Are Helpful

Social sellers bend over backward to help out prospects and customers. Why? Because they understand the value in giving things away. So many companies are focused on creating immediate returns that they miss this point by a mile. If you invest in social selling, you’ll see your loyal customer base grow. Not only that but the Aberdeen Group found that salespeople who used social selling were 79% more likely to meet quota. With that in mind, give away content and advice, answer customer questions, and make yourself available to help. It will pay off. Literally.


They Are Dedicated

No social selling campaign will ever work unless you’re 100% dedicated to the cause. And that’s what sets the very best salespeople apart from the pack — they understand the importance of posting on social sites consistently, day in and day out. They understand the value of sharing content created by others. They understand why they need to make themselves available to answer customer questions and concerns. The best social sellers are there for their customers and it shows when they meet or exceed their sales quotas.


What’s the easiest way to stay consistent and dedicated? Schedule time into your day specifically to find great content to share and to reach out to new prospects. You should be tracking keywords and paying attention to conversations around your brand and industry, but dedicating a portion of your day to social, every single day will improve your consistency and overall understanding of your prospective customer base on social.

The best social sellers are very good at maintaining a social presence and saying all the right things to turn leads into customers. It takes practice. But by adopting these 4 traits, you should be well on your way toward building your ranks among them.


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