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Dynamic Signal Receives Highest Marks in First Ever Employee Advocacy Vendor Report


This week, the first employee advocacy landscape report was released. Chris Boudreaux, Founder of Social Media Governance, compiled a comprehensive report of 24 employee advocacy providers. It serves as a buying guide for those looking to find an employee advocacy platform that meets their use case with the capabilities they need. The use cases considered were employee enablement, performance measurement, and compliance measurement. The important capabilities that cross use cases are mobile apps and an external API.

Out of the 24 platforms the report considered, Dynamic Signal’s VoiceStorm employee advocacy platform was the only solution to support all three use cases and offer an external API and mobile app. VoiceStorm makes advocacy easy for administrators to manage, convenient and fast for employees (with email alerts and a mobile app), and all advocacy efforts can be tracked with the reporting dashboard, which shows impressions, shares, clicks, reactions, and more.Employee Advocacy

While Boudreaux’s report breaks vendors out by which of the three different use cases (employee enablement, performance measurement, and compliance management) they serve, a closer examination shows that a complete employee advocacy platform needs to meet all three use cases. Employee enablement should be the focus, since without features for employees to create, curate, and share content, you can’t have employee advocacy. However, that doesn’t mean that compliance management and performance measurement aren’t crucial. After all, if you aren’t able to measure the success of your advocacy program, how will you know if it’s working? And if your platform can’t help you avoid compliance violations, you could have a social media nightmare on your hands.

While we’ve worked hard to offer a comprehensive employee advocacy platform, we also know that the greatest platform isn’t so great if employees don’t want to use it. You need to make advocacy easy and convenient. This is where a mobile app comes in. If employees can simply swipe their phone to advocate while waiting in line for coffee, you’ll see much higher adoption rates (and therefore, more shares, impressions, clicks, etc.).

Just as mobile helps companies reach more employees, an external API makes it possible to reach employees where they already spend their time, by building VoiceStorm functionality into existing communities (e.g., company intranet or portal). Employees don’t want another platform they have to log into and learn how to use. With an external API, employees can consume and share company content from locations they already are familiar with.

Dynamic Signal customer data has shown that employee advocacy can double the effectiveness of your marketing program, but only if employees find it easy to advocate. So if you’re considering an employee advocacy platform, Chris Boudreaux’s buying guide is a great starting point.

You can read the full vendor report and buying guide here.

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