Meet Dynamic Signal Rockstar: Gaetan Voyer-Perrault


Name: Gaetan Voyer-Perrault
Title: Senior Software Engineer

Tell me a little about yourself.gatesprofile

I’m a Canadian Comp. Sci. grad who has been building stuff for fun and a living since the 90s. I love to learn new tools of the trade and build out better versions of our systems.

What do you do on the weekends?

Hack on side projects, family time at the park, game nights with friends and the occasional movie night.

Describe what your position entails or tell me about an average day.

My day includes some combination of these 5 things:
1. Tracking down complex bugs
2. Building new sub-systems
3. Ping-Pong
4. Designing of new features
5. Tweeting and Facebooking… no really, that’s our platform, we post stuff to Social Media ☺

What 5 songs would be on the playlist of your life?

For the times I’m at the office, I think the whole playlist would be Tiesto and Portishead and Scooter.

What do you like about working at Dynamic Signal?

Dynamic Signal has a great pace of life.

We’re clearly a startup, constantly building and rebuilding things. I have rebuilt some systems two or three times.

But we’re not an “everything is on fire” startup. We have experienced leads and managers who appreciate what’s involved in building a large-scale, feature-rich system. We understand how to handle the chaos that comes with being a startup. We know this is a marathon.

Not only do we get great stuff done, we can get home in time for dinner most days.

What makes Dynamic Signal different as an employer?

Dynamic Signal is a caring company. There’s an actual family-friendly culture that comes from the very top of the organization. The company wants people to be happy & healthy and we have a culture that encourages just that.

The company truly puts people first, something I have witnessed and personally experienced on several occasions.

The leadership is also very open. The C-level is accessible and approachable and open. We talk regularly about finances, company growth, vision for the future and all of the pieces that bring us together. The CEO & CTO will regularly, publicly thank people and groups as they complete key milestones and go the extra mile for clients.

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