Dynamic Signal Sponsoring Annual TechSet Party at SXSW


SXSW shouldn’t be all work and no play. Luckily, there will be lots of fun and great networking at TechSet’s Party. With 400 attendees, made up of everyone you know and follow, and everyone who knows and follows you, and access to the entire second floor and patio of Parkside restaurant, you won’t want to miss it.

Dynamic Signal is partnering with Brian Solis and Stephanie Agresta in sponsoring the Annual TechSet party at SXSW on Friday, March 7th at 9 PM.

Dynamic Signal will be in attendance with our own Jim Larrison (@jlarrison) and Adam Keats (@akeats) on hand to answer any questions you might have on Employee Advocacy.

Start SXSW off right by joining us at the TechSet kickoff party!

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G.I. Sanders

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