Dynamic Signal’s SXSW Session- The Future of Marketing: Advocacy


In our session titled, The Future of Marketing: Advocacy, we will explore some of the most recent trends around both customer and employee advocacy. Join us to learn the strategies behind developing successful employee & customer advocacy programs and hear real world examples of how advocacy can play a vital role in your marketing plan.

Dynamic Signal co-founder, Jim Larrison will be leading this SXSW session on Sunday, March 9th at 9:30 AM at the Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon E. He’ll discuss how brands can overcome the challenge of scaling advocacy programs so they can reach as many people as mass media marketing does.

Research from Forrester and Edelman’s trust barometer has shown that customers will trust peers or a company’s employees for advice on their next purchases far more than advertisements or direct marketing. By empowering employees & customers to be advocates and influencers who promote your brand, you can grow awareness, reach & revenue.

Don’t miss Jim’s session on March 9th at 9:30 AM to learn how companies can harness the untapped power of their employees, customers & fans to promote their brands.

Want to connect with Jim beforehand? Send him a tweet @jlarrison

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