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Introducing Our Social Selling Survey Report


If you’ve been checking out our blog over the past couple of months, you’ve seen all our advice on how to do social selling right. Don’t be modest, you’re probably already out there tweeting like a social selling pro, right? And you’re not alone. Social selling is the next big trend in the sales world.

We surveyed 1,000 salespeople across the United States to find out how prevalent social selling is, its value, what makes a successful social seller, and more. To make sure we got a truly representative look at social selling in the U.S., we made sure there was a large distribution among respondents across age, industry, income, location, and education level.

After reviewing this data, we discovered key insights about the frequency of social media use among social sellers, the most important social channels, and the habits of high performing social sellers.

Here are just a few of those key insights:

• High achieving social sellers are more likely than low achieving social sellers to use social media for networking and prospecting.
• Facebook and LinkedIn were considered to be two times as important as Pinterest, Tumblr, or Instagram, to most social sellers.
• Women think more social media channels are “extremely important” than men.

To see the rest of our findings, and to learn how your sales team can become better social sellers, download our Social Selling Survey Report.

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Jim Larrison

Jim Larrison is the Co-Founder & General Manager at Dynamic Signal. He is responsible for overseeing the company’s direction, product innovation, and market strategy to become a global provider of SaaS based advocate and social marketing enterprise solutions for leading Global 2K brands. Jim lives in the Chicago area with his wife and two sons. Jim is an influential movie fanatic, local politico, blogger, and photographer. On weekends, you can catch him on the sidelines of his sons' football or lacrosse games with a few Nikon cameras around his neck.