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How to Establish a Social Selling Culture


The practice of social selling is taking hold throughout the United States and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. If your company employs a sales team and social selling is not a fundamental element, you are ignoring the most direct avenue to interested customers and hot leads that is currently available. In order to empower your sales team to become social selling experts, you need to develop a social selling culture and support their efforts.

Where to Begin

The teacher cannot teach what the teacher does not know. Changing the culture within any organization must be a top-down process if it is to succeed. The problem within many companies is that upper-level management either does not understand or does not embrace social selling. Sound familiar? They just need the facts, facts like the percentage of teams with social sellers who reached quota was 15% higher than those who didn’t use social selling, according to the Aberdeen Report 2013.

Offer Training

After you have executive support and have your salespeople on the same page, the next step is to provide your sales team with the training they need to develop a social selling strategy. As is the case with all selling, individuality will always play a part. But you can’t expect them to just instantly know where to begin, just because they have a LinkedIn account.

Help them set up professional profiles on social media sites your target customers frequent. Show them what content their prospects would want to see and the signals they should pay attention to, so they know when to share. As a start, you should have a social media policy in place, so your sales team both knows they have your support to use social media and understands what guidelines they should follow. There are a lot of resources to get your team started; you just need to point them in the right direction.

Provide the Right Tools

Once your sales team has the social media basics down, you can help make social selling more efficient by giving them the tools they need. Yes, they can be effective social sellers just by conducting research and engaging with prospects and customers on social media sites. But you can make their job a lot easier by showing them tools to make the process more efficient. They can use a social media management tool, like SproutSocial, to schedule posts or a tool like TweetDeck to make monitoring lists of prospects easy.

The best social media tool you can give your sales team, however, is an employee advocacy platform. With an employee advocacy platform, you can give your salespeople relevant content that they can share with prospects and customers. This helps your salespeople offer valuable information to those leads and over time, builds up their personal brand and makes them look smart on social.

Looking for a social selling training guide you can give your sales team? Download the 7 Secrets to Social Selling and show your sales team how they can find and convert leads on social.

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