High Tech Industry Excels with Employee Advocacy: Part Two


This is Part Two in a multi-blog series entitled High Tech Industry Excels with Employee Advocacy

In our first post of this series, you learned how much greater reach employees have than branded company channels. If you provide great content for employees, and make it easy for them to share, they’ll happily do so. But where can you get consistently informative, interesting content that highlights your brand?

Not only do employees make great advocates, who share your brand’s message authentically, but they can also be great content generators. Employees should know your brand’s story better than anyone, meaning they’re well equipped to produce content that tells the story. Data from one of our High Tech clients supports this idea. This client saw that advocate generated content accounted for 40% of all published articles, 47% of all shares, and 46% of all reactions of content distributed on Dynamic Signal’s employee advocacy platform. By encouraging advocates to create content, the brand was able to extend its reach, because they were producing more content than the company could do alone. Not only that, these numbers also show how powerful advocate generated content can be. The content clearly spoke to their fellow employees, which compelled them to share it with their own social media audiences.

With B2B marketing budgets rising year over year (6% in 2014), and 33% of those budgets being allocated specifically towards content marketing it’s easy to see what a huge cost savings this type of user generated content can be. Plus, 65% of large companies outsource content creation. That means they are paying top dollar for design, copywriting and production of content. Those line items don’t come cheap, and they add up fast.

The infographic below shows how involved employees can be, playing a major role in the creation of content which drove a large more majority of the engagement for the program.

EA Results 02

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