High Tech Industry Excels with Employee Advocacy: Part Three


This is Part Three in a multi-blog series entitled High Tech Industry Excels with Employee Advocacy

In our previous posts in the series (parts One, and Two) we highlighted the incredible authentic reach of employees and their ability to impact a company’s content marketing strategy via user generated content. In part three we will focus on direct results in the form of social engagement.

Share of conversation is a metric digital marketers must pay attention to, as it can clearly reveal which channels and content are generating the most online discussion surrounding a topic. In this use case, rather than tracking the conversation as it compares to their competitors, the high tech company profiled utilized a similar strategy to gauge which of its audiences were the loudest surrounding a series of events. Unique hashtags were created and applied to each marketing program, giving the company visibility into which one was driving the conversation. Within a six month period the employee advocates were louder than all others, including the general online audience (who did not use any hashtag), paid social posts, and hand picked influencers. An impressive 34% of the online mentions were driven from the employees, clearly positioning the advocacy program as a driver of great value for the company and their event marketing.

Over 1,500 employees participated in the program during this period generating an impressive number of Tweets, social reactions, and ultimately impressions for their company. The number of reactions, over 4,000 retweets, comments, likes and shares from the employee’s followers and connections, was particularly exciting. That number speaks volumes towards the idea of trust amongst peer to peer impressions, further validating the fact that employee advocacy truly can be an important piece of a company’s marketing mix.


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