What Dynamic Signal Doesn’t Do


This summer, we’ve been in the process of redesigning our web site. And as often is the case when companies do this, they start thinking about how to better explain their services, who they are, their clients, etc.

In reviewing countless sites – from other companies that we compete with as well as those we just consider to be best-in-class in the digital marketing space – it occurred to me that we needed something else. We needed something that tells people what we DON’T do. After all, the employee advocacy space that Dynamic Signal helped launched is now filled with others trying to compete with us as the clear leaders (we have superior tech, have raised the most money, etc.)

When looking and comparing our features with other companies – we thought it would be equally helpful to be transparent and upfront about our limits. About what we don’t do. That way, it’s easier than ever to understand what we DO do.

Dynamic Signal does NOT:

Recruit “influencers” from proprietary databases. It’s our experience that most companies and their brands have spent years and countless dollars building relationships with people who already LOVE them on social media. They are the names in the email databases, the Facebook fans, the Twitter followers. And according to Forrester all of them are influential to their audiences. 5,000 die-hard advocates, the people who buy your product or service repeatedly (but might only have an average of 500 social connections each) can be very impactful because they are deeply trusted by their friends, family and co-workers. That group as a whole could reach 2.5 million other people every time they share and advocate for a product, service or company.

Believe you can survive without mobile. Long gone are the days when, after seeing a piece of content you found interesting or humorous, you e-mail it to dozens of people. 90% of sharing happens through mobile – and today, most of that is through social platforms – and that’s why one-click sharing and alerting your brand/company advocates with a mobile alert is the centerpiece of our platform.

Try to build our brand through you. If you’re successful, if our tools help you drive measurable business, we all win. We don’t need to have our name in your URL or Bit.ly shortener. We don’t need to send emails to your advocates from us…they know and trust you and we hope, in turn, you’ll trust us.

Tell you we can leap tall buildings in a single bound.
We know our limits. If we can’t do it, we’ll tell you (we don’t ever want to fail).

We believe our core strengths speak for themselves, and want to remain laser focused on being the best at what we are. Those strengths being the areas of employee advocacy, communication, and engagement. Plus content marketing and social strategy. Feel free to reach out to me directly on Twitter with any feedback or questions about what we DO or DON’T do.

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Adam Keats

Adam Keats, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, has more than 18 years of digital marketing and brand strategy experience. Adam lives in Chicago and is passionate about cooking, photography and serves as an official statistician for the Chicago Bears.