The First Ever Employee Advocacy Summit, Coming this September


Within all emerging trends there are pivotal inflection points along the growth path for the companies and thought leaders involved. These can range from an event that triggers mass adoption, broad media exposure, or something that simply finally flips the switch in buyers minds. Amongst the overwhelming landscape of social media and content marketing, companies are just now at a point where they are finally understanding the baseline of what to expect from their current efforts and where to head next.

The “next” will be on display this September in Atlanta as the first ever Employee Advocacy Summit is held as part of Social Media Today’s Social Shake Up industry conference.

This is a landmark event, not only for Dynamic Signal, but for all vendors in the space and every marketer (and employee) involved in an employee focused program. We are all on the cusp of solidifying Employee Advocacy as more than a trend, turning it from a nice to have to a must have. The event will highlight real practitioners at leading brands who’ve developed and scaled successful Employee Advocacy programs. This includes early adopters from companies like IBM, Sprint, Raytheon, Coca-Cola, Intel and many others. Spokespeople from these amazing brands, along side event creators Chris Boudreaux and Susan Emerick, and a variety of other thought leaders will tackle the why, how, when, and where of Employee Advocacy. The basics will of course be covered, but in many ways this is the first event that will dive deeper, establishing Employee Advocacy as a marketing and communications approach that is here to stay.

The agenda covers a variety of exciting topics including:


Registration is still currently open, so secure your passes now to one of the premiere events of the year. Connect with us beforehand if you’re planning to attend as we would love to say hello at the event.

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