Gamestop Partners with Dynamic Signal (& others) to Make Stores More Digitally Interactive


We are excited to be powering the employee advocacy program for Dallas-based Gamestop, a global video game, consumer electronics and wireless services retailer with more than 6,600 stores worldwide. It was first announced by the Dallas Business Journal a few weeks ago but we wanted to elaborate a bit on the program and bring attention to it here on our own blog. Alongside strategic partnerships with companies like Shelfbucks and BestFit Mobile, we are helping Gamestop pave the way for today’s re-envisioned retail store in a digital world.

Integrating Gamestop’s thousand of employees into their localized marketing campaigns will undoubtably bring more reach, exposure and awareness to the company. As a new, more authentic marketing channel, employees represent an enormous opportunity for the brand, all while creating a stronger relationship with the employees themselves, empowering them to have a voice on behalf of the company.

“The development and deployment of traffic driving technology is a critical component of GTI’s focus on innovation and interaction at the store level,” said Jeff Donaldson, senior vice president of GameStop Technology Institute. “Recognizing that the interaction between our employees and the customers in the local community is the most valuable type of relationship, we committed to working with Dynamic Signal to put a technology platform in place that amplifies those conversations beyond the brick and mortar location to create lasting value for all parties involved.”

The program will begin in 36 Gamestop locations in Texas, with the potential to rollout to more than 60 stores by the end of the year. We will keep you updated on the progress as the Gamestop employee advocacy program evolves.


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Matt Barkoff

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