eBook Download: The Keys to Social Media Success are Hidden Within Your Employees


Are you struggling to produce tangible results from your current social media efforts? Is your organic reach on social channels suffering from your official profiles?

These are typical problems digital marketers are having these days when trying to drive results from their content marketing campaigns via social media. The fact is, organic reach is dead. Without sponsoring your posts the chances of them actually even being seen is slim to none. Even then, you’re going to sink significant ad dollars into sponsoring content only for consumers to gloss over it as just another annoying ad in their feed. People don’t want to talk to brands, they want to engage with people they actually know in an authentic way.

One highly effective way to address these trends is to empower your employees as advocates on their own social channels.

In our latest free downloadable eBook we explore how employees can replace the organic reach and impressions brands have lost, by activating an organized employee advocacy program. It is well documented that consumers are more likely to trust their peers than companies. Learn more in our new eBook, The Keys to Social Media Success are Hidden Within Your Employees.


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Jim Larrison

Jim Larrison is the Co-Founder & General Manager at Dynamic Signal. He is responsible for overseeing the company’s direction, product innovation, and market strategy to become a global provider of SaaS based advocate and social marketing enterprise solutions for leading Global 2K brands. Jim lives in the Chicago area with his wife and two sons. Jim is an influential movie fanatic, local politico, blogger, and photographer. On weekends, you can catch him on the sidelines of his sons' football or lacrosse games with a few Nikon cameras around his neck.